Friday, May 6, 2016

What is a perfect relationship

What is a perfect relationship?
Experts all over the world have conducted studies as to what constitutes a perfect relationship? Is it just plain love? Probably not

An ideal relationship
Even though all couples are different, Science has predicted these 11 traits that are needed to make a relationship successful. Have a look.
Less fights
Successful couples don't fight that much after a certain point of time - they used to do it at one point and a lot of it, but they don't do that any more.
Household chores
If both partners contribute equally to the household chores , the marriage is bound to be successful.

Sexually active
Successful partners are not only compatible emotionally, but physically compatible too - sex is an important part of a marriage and partners who are sexually active tend to be happier.

Sleep it out
As strange as it may sound, a successful relationship is one where both partners take proper rest - this leads to proper understanding between them.
Laugh it loud
Laughter is genuinely the best medicine - couples who laugh together have successful relationships.
Drinking out
Couples who are in love tend to drink alcohol almost in the same quantity - they both know when to stop and how to take care of each other.
Motivate each other
They motivate each other and are happy in each other's achievements. They bring out the best in each other.
No common friends
As much as couples need to have "common" friends, it is also important to have your own circle - it gives successful partners the much needed space.
A recent study conducted that couples who spend money in the exact same way have more successful marriages.

They are alike
Yes, opposites attract but alike people tend to have happier marriages according to a study. This will close doors to insecurities and tribulations.
First and last born
It is also said that if one partner is a first born (oldest) while the other is the last born (youngest), the relationship will be more successful. Apart from the above mentioned, these traits (though not scientifically proven) too are important.
Even though you might have your disagreements, respect is very important in a relationship.
Financial security
The couple needs to be financially secure (even though not extravagant) to have a successful relationship.
Common goals
Do you want children while your partner does not? While couples might have different ambitions, it is important to have a common goal.

Couples need to have a common understanding in order to develop a common, healthy relationship.
Family similarity
Even though each family is different, couples need to have bit of a familiar background in order to be successful as one big family.
A clean past
We are not saying that no one should have a past, but it is important to come clean on it before you start a relationship. It will give you a closure.
Food choices
Yes, a bit of common food choices do make a difference - a couple that bonds over food is definitely more happy.

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