Friday, September 2, 2016

Hindi Sardar Jokes ~ हिंदी जोक्स ~ Page 7

Aaj Tak” gets news that 100 Sardars are killed in a train accident at Amritsar station. Only one Sardar left alive.
The correspondent goes to the Sardarji and the conversation between them goes as follows:

Correspondent : How did this happen?

Sardarji : Well, all the people were waiting for the train. They were standing on the platform. Then there was this announcement that the train is arriving on platform number 2.

They got scared to know that the train is arriving on the platform and hence they jumped onto the tracks to save themselves. The announcement was misleading. The train arrived on the track and you can see the result.

Correspondent : Well, I guess, you must be the intelligent. Why did you not jump onto the tracks?

Sardarji : I was actually trying to commit suicide. I was waiting for the train on the tracks. When I heard that the train is arriving on the platform, I climbed up…

The most funniest situation in student's life:
When we have no idea what to write in paper and supervisor comes and say "wind up your papers"

Teacher: Change this sentence into Future Tense, "I killed a person"
Student: The Future tense is "You will go to a jail"
Three reasons to give Exams
1- You can spend 3 hours in self-medication
2- You can complete your sleep
3- You can see your teacher being bore who normally bores you

1 student ne MBA ka form bharty howe 'Watchman' se pocha:
Janab ye university kaisi hai?
Watchman: Boht achi university hai, Mai ne bhi yahan se MBA kia hai.

An interesting statement written above wall-clock in Examination Hall
"Time will pass, But will you…….??"

"The life is so short even to complete your sleep, I wonder how people find to study"
(William kaamchor )

Father to son: How did you write your exam?
Son: They had asked questions which I didn't know, so I wrote answer which they will not know

Teacher: JAWANI owr BURHAPAY mai kia farq hota hai?
Student: JAWANI mai mobile mai HASEENO ke numbers hotay hai, owr BURHAPAY mai HAKEEMO ke

"Thousands of words of a teacher don't hurt but silence of a friend in examination hall brings tears into eyes"
(William Cheater)

Miss: Aaj tum late kion aye ho? School 7 baje shuru hota hay, itni dair kion ki?
Kid: Miss ap mairi itni fikar mat kia karain, log shak karty hain

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