Friday, September 2, 2016

Hindi Sardar Jokes ~ हिंदी जोक्स ~ Page 8

Teacher to Sardar: Write your best friend’s name in English.
A Sardar wrote: ‘ Beautiful Red Underwear’
A Teacher: What?
A Sardar: His name is Sundar Lal chaadha.
Ek pathan Cycle chalate aur gungunate howe kahin ja raha tha rastae mein ek aurat se takra betha.
Aurat chilla kar boli, “Break nahi maar sakte they kya ???”
Pathan herat se… “Pora cycle mar deya abhi break mar kar kia faida.”

Sardar returns book to library, bangs it on table & says – What a shit ?
Sardar : “I read the whole book, too many character, no story at all” ?
Librarian : So, you are the one who took the Telephone Directory…
An elderly Punjabi admitted to the intensive care department of a hospital requested that he has taken lessons in French. The doctor was puzzled and asked him why?
“Well, French is the language of heaven,” he sighed. “I want to be able to communicate with everyone in heaven if I die.”
“But how are you so sure that you will end up in heaven? You might go to hell. What good will French do you then?” asked the doctor.
“That will no problem. I am fluent in Punjabi.”
Sardar ki maut Bijli girne se hogai par uski lash muskurate hue mili.
Bhagwan ne poocha Aisa kyun?
Sardar Bole : Mujhe laga koi Photo Kheench riya Si…
A Sardarji went to US and had a meeting with Bill Clinton.
Bill : I want to show you the US advancement. Come with me. He takes him to a forest.
Bill : Dig the ground. Sardarji did it.
Bill : More….More…More… Sardarji went upto 100 Feet.
Bill : So now, try to search something.
Sardarji : I got a Wire.
Bill : You know, it shows that even 100 years ago we used to have telephones.
Sardarji became frustrated. He invited Bill to India. Next year Bill was in India.
Sardarji : I want to show you our advancement. The same…he takes Bill to a forest.
Sardarji : Dig it. Bill does.
Sardarji : More….More…More… … Bill goes upto almost 400 feet.
Sardarji :Try to find something. Bill tries.
Sardarji : Did you get anything?
Bill : No, there is nothing here.
Sardarji : you know, it shows that even 400 years ago, we used to have WIRELESS!!
Once a Sardarji goes to a mirror shop to buy a mirror.He wanders all over the shop before the shopkeeper comes and asks him,”May I help you?”.
Sardar: “I want a very strong mirror”.
Shop keeper: “Try this one sir!Its just Rs.1000/-”
Sardar: “Is it really that strong?”
Shop keeper: “Yes sir. If u want to know, you can throw this mirror from 100 storeyed building. This mirror does not breaks upto 99 floors sir!!”
Sardar: “Wah! bahuth badiya hai!!”
He pays the shop keeper and leaves with that mirror!!
A Sardar went 2 hotel, ordered chicken and waiter comes with the order.
Sardar: Murgi ki taange kithe hai?
Waiter: Woh langra tha.
Sardar: Dil?
Waiter: Dil murgi le gayee.
Sardar: Dimaag?
Waiter: Murga sardar tha…
Teacher to Sardar “Where were U born?”
Sardar : In Tiruvanantapuram.
Teacher : Spell it?
Sardar : (after thinking) I think I was born in GOA.

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