GATE Tips Do's and Don't

The Do’s:

1. Always be aware of what are you doing. Seems funny, but it means a lot who really does not have time to waste. Each second matters.

2. Develop a schedule for your whole day and try to follow it effectively.

3. Keep your room/table of study clean and well managed. Chaos is not good. Seating should be comfortable. The quiet environment is considered as the most suitable place to study.

4. If you are going to some coaching class, review class notes immediately (or in the same day) after coming home .

5. Try to visualize every concept. It means imagine that topic as being materialized in real life. It will help a lot.

6. Try to understand hard topics first. It will make you feel more confident.

7. Maths is the subject which finds its applications in almost all other subjects in CS. So try to run it parallel with currently running subject. It needs much practice.

8. Your first target must be to cover all topics fundamental to that subject before moving to some extras.

9. Do include some fruit in your meals. A fruit after lunch will be good.

10. Last but not the least. Do include  meditation in your daily routine. It will really sharpen your thinking abilities.

 Gate Topic Wise Questions

The Dont’s

1.Never panic. It will only amplify your problems. Try to solve all problems, either in subject or in real life, with some intelligence.

2. Never hesitate to ask doubts. Its the most effective way to improve your own knowledge.

3. Never try to read a complete book. Its not a sensible practice. Try to stick to the syllabus of GATE. If you feel confident enough in all topics then only you may look outward.

4. Do not extend a session of study more than 3 hours. And in each session at least 20 minutes are to be provided as gap.

5. Do not get alcoholic ever in any way. It wont  be helping you to improve your efficiency. It just stops some nerves from functioning properly for a while. Its not good,,really.

6. Do not get affected/dominated by others. You might have some of your friends who could be so called “cool dudes”..who are quite courageous . Or You might have a company of very studious people who try to demoralize you instead of getting your morals up. Both of these kind of friends are harmful for your aim. Maintain some distance for your sake only.

7. Do not try to attempt all questions while you appear in any test. Tests like GATE are not meant to be attempted completely. Try to solve and mark those questions which you really can.

8. Do not get a habit of guessing answers . It is very dangerous activity.

9. While a test from your test series is going on,either in home or in their centers, never try to cheat. Its like you are cheating yourself.

10. Do not leave a single test. Every test is important.

Gate Topic Wise Questions

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